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Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc. CSIT)


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1st Semester

Introduction to Information Technology, C-Programming & Digital Logic.


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2nd Semester

Discrete Structure, Object Oriented Programming (OOP) & Microprocessor.


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3rd Semester

Computer Architecture, Computer Graphics & Data Structure and Algorithm.


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4th Semester

Computer Networks, Operating System, Artificial Intelligence, DBMS, Theory of Computation.


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5th Semester

Design and Analysis of Algorithm, Cryptography, Web ,System Analysis, Simulation.


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6th Semester

Software Engineering, Technical Writting, E- Governance, NET Centric Computing, Compiler.


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7th Semester

Data Warehousing & Data Mining, Advance Java Programming, Principles of Management.


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8th Semester

Advance Database. We only have one notes i.e Advance Database, we'll update it soon.


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